About Shipping Companies In USA

If you are looking for reputable shipping companies in USA for various shipping needs, whether local or international, parcel or bulk, consider consulting the American Moving and Storage Association which is a non-profit trade organization that represents members from the various moving and shipping companies operating out of the USA. Most serious and professional shipping companies in USA will seek to be a member of this organization, plus there are governing rules that help standardize the quality of service that the customer gets when transacting with member companies. These will ensure that you are getting the best service your money and all the time ensuring the security of your products as you move them from manufacturing to sales, or in the case of personal moves, from one home to another.

The following companies are reputable members of the American Moving and Storage Association and offer proven shipping and moving services that are sure to help you get started on your bid to transport and move products as necessary.

Bekins Van Lines has been in operation since 1891 and has the enviable position of being one of the first shipping companies in USA. Today, it offers moving services from household and residential needs to government or military moves, or even corporate relocation. Services include free estimates on movement cost so you will not have to worry about your budget constraints, multiple pricing options depending on the movement methods and duration of transport, and professional packing services to ensure that your goods are moved as safely as possible. A recent Bekins customer is the Chicago White Sox, a professional baseball team in the National Baseball Association. Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie Legally Blonde also used Bekins in her move to Harvard.

North American Van Lines is another reputable company that provides services for local or international moving. It partners with other shipping companies in USA to deliver hassle-free, high-quality service for your goods or valuables shipping. Its services come complete with moving kits, moving boxes, supplies and coverage so your products are handled the best way possible. Customer service support is also exemplary and with more than 75 years of experience in the moving business, North American will get your goods where you need them to be.

Another one of the shipping companies in USA is Mayflower. Their main advantage over competitors is that they offer professional-looking container vans that you can pack on your own if you choose to not entrust the handling of your valuables to other people. The container van is brought to your home ahead of your transport, and you are free to pack it with as much stuff as deemed possible, and in the safest way that can be assured by Mayflower consultants. The Do-It-Yourself option is a friendly option for customers looking to cut services cost without compromising transport services.

There are many more companies in the Yellow Pages that offer shipping and transport services. Local or international moves or shipment are not a problem with the multitude of shipping companies in USA. Spend time to research about each company before finally selecting a service provider so you are sure of the quality of your shipment and so it gets to its destination in the safest, fastest, and cheapest way possible.

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